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Artist's Statement

After retiring from a forty year career in retailing, I pondered how I would spend my newly acquired time. I had always been happily immersed with my family, friends, and sports, especially golf. But, might there be something else that I would enjoy that I hadn't had the time to explore?
As long as I can remember, I could, and did draw, an untrained "hacker". I dabbled in occasional spurts of creativity in a variety of mediums and subjects. So, how about art as my new endeavor?
I summon the courage to start taking classes. Thanks to exceptional instructors, I got off to a firm start. As i continued, I became hooked when, much to my surprise, my skills grew, as did my results.
I find my motivation is to continue to grow, producing pieces that can evoke an emotion or response from an observer. It is important that those pieces are something that they want to enjoy in there own home, as well.
What's my "Pay-Off"? It's when someone refers to me as an artist!
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